Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Written works from the students of Form 6.

All people have a hobby . My hobbies are singing and dancing. I began studying this 6 years ago. I like singing more because it is easy. I dance on Tuesdays and almost every day. I like snowbording, too because I think it’s very cool. My friend likes BMX freestyle. I think it’s very hard for me. I can do rollerblading but I don’t have knee and elbow pads.

My hobby is playing computer games. I play them about 2 or 3 hours a day. My favourite game is „Sins of a Solar Empire“. It is a space strategy game. You can build space ships and colonize planets there. I have a computer at home. I also play multiplayer browser-based games. My favourite browser-based game is „Nemexia“. It is similar to „Sins of a Solar Empire“ but it is played in browser and it has worse graphics. I sometimes play on my mother´s laptop. But my mother´s computer has Linux so I can’t play Windows computer games there.


My hobbies are watching TV, BMX freestyle and playing computer games. I watch TV every day, but I don’t play computer games every day. I watch cartoons, films, DVD-s, films about nature, shows and other programmes. I watch TV in the evening , but sometimes in the afternoon, too.


My hobby is making necklaces, earrings and bracelets. I like this hobby.

My hobby is doing BMX freestyle. I began doing it two or three years ago. It´s an expensive hobby beacause BMX bikes cost up to 10,000 kroons. I have a BMX. My BMX cost 4000 kroons. I usually do BMX freestyle in summer. I can do tricks in the skatepark and in my garden. My favourite BMX trick is double front flip, but I can´t do it beacause I´m not very good. Pro BMX riders can do double front flip. I like BMX freestyle very much and I want to study more tricks. I think I have to practice more.

My hobby is wrestling.I began wrestling three years ago. I can wrestle every time I want. I usually play Playstation 2 every day with my friends. My favourite wrestling trick is FU. I would like to have my own wrestling place. My favourite wrestler is Rob Van Dam. My friends` favourite wrestler is Rey Mysterio.


My hobby is skateboarding. In summer I skateboard in Elva skatepark. I like skateboarding. It´s a bit dangerous. I skateboard with my friends. I like all kinds of skateboards. I have my own skateboard, it has white wheels and on the back side there is a shark. In winter I take off wheels then I can snowboard. It´s so cool- just like skateboarding on snow. My best friend has a DC skateboard. It´s expensive.My skateboard is not as expensive.I do some tricks and watch skatebording tricks from Youtube. I think I´m quite good at skateboarding.


Wednesday, December 15, 2010






What is your favourite day at that time?

What do you usually do before Christmas Eve?

What do you usually do on Christmas Eve?

How do you decorate your home?

Who do you usually spend Christmas with?

Write about traditions in your home.

NB! Watch a movie about Mr Bean and how he is preparing for Christmas.

Questions about the movie will appear soon.





C ards are funny
H appy Christmas
R eindeer has got a red nose
I love Christmas
S anta doesn`t ride a bike
T urkey is delicious
M erry Christmas
A nd a Happy New Year
S anta loves children
Created by the fifth-formers
S anta has a red jacket
A reindeer is a Santa`s helper
N ight is full of shiny stars
T housands of children are waiting for Santa
A dwarf brings sweets every night
C andles are lit
L ollies are sweet
A re dwarfs real?
U are like a dwarf!
S tars are beautiful
Created by the sixth-formers

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

TASK FOR the fifth-formers.



  • She`s got long straight blonde hair and bluish eyes. I think she is slim. She is pretty. I think she is about thirty. I think she is good- hearted and happy.
  • He hasn`t got any hair. He`s got bluish-green eyes and he wears glasses. He`s got a black beard. I think he`s very friendly.
  • She is an old woman. She has got short curly grey hair. She is wearing quite big glasses. I think she likes blue colour. I think she is cheerful and good-hearted. She is carrying a handbag. She has got a big smile. She is wearing small earrings. I think she is about sixty or seventy.
  • She`s got glasses. She`s got short and curly hair. She`s not plump, she`s
    tall. She is wearing nice blue clothes. She`s got a nice smile. I think she`s cheerful and about 70 or 80 years old.

Thursday, December 2, 2010


What is a hobby?

"Hobby is an activity which someone does for pleasure when they are not working" (taken from Advanced Learner`s Dictionary of Cambridge.)
"Hobby is something you can do in your free time". ( said by my students from form 6)

A very interesting hobby is collecting things. When I was a cild, I used to collect postcards of kittens and puppies, pocket calendars and sweet wrappers(kommipaberid).

What about you?
What do you collect or used to collect when you were younger?

In the world there are a lot of different collections. Some of them are quite strange or even weird(veider).
For example, some people have collected the bones of dead animals.


  • Write about your collection.

  • Surf the Internet and find the most unusual things to collect.

Visit these links:




Sunday, November 21, 2010

The European Union for the sixth-formers.

Countries, nationalities, languages.

We are Estonians. We live in Estonia. Our mother tongue is Estonian.

How many countries belong to the European Union (the EU shortly)?
When did they join?
The European Flag
The European Anthem (hümn)

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Learn through the interesting facts!!!
It`s worth to try out!
World Records, by Vķctor Gayol
Find this and other comparatives/superlatives exercises in English Exercises .org

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Musicians from Great Britain and Ireland. Form 6.

As we talked about musicians and composers coming from Great Britain in today`s music lesson, I`d like you to listen to some nice songs of Sting and Enya.
Pick one song and translate at least one verse (salm) of the song into Estonian.

Saturday, October 30, 2010


Halloween is on 31st October.
It's an old festival.
Halloween comes from Scotland and Ireland.
The name „Halloween „ means the day before All Saints` Day.
In the past people believed that ghosts came back to Earth(planeet Maa) on this day.
Today many people around the world celebrate this old festival.
People dress up in costumes and make a noise for Halloween.
People have parties and tell spooky stories about witches, skeletons, bats and ghosts.
People put a lantern outside their house to be friendly to the spirits.
A Halloween lantern is made from a pumpkin.
At Halloween people play a game called „Trick or Treat“.
Tricks are jokes and treats are sweets.

Guess Halloween words.

  • a woman with magical powers who flies on a broom
  • a big pot in which witches cook their meal
  • a witch`s pet, usually black in colour
  • a monster that has fangs(kihvad), drinks blood and sleeps in a coffin
  • a box where vampire sleeps
  • a small animal that likes to weave a web

I`m looking forward to your answers !!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


World Animal Day is celebrated (tähistatakse) each year on 4 October all over the world. It started in Italy more than 70 years ago.

On that day, we talked and wrote about cuddly toys - teddy bears.


  • TEDDY BEARS come from America.

  • The name Teddy Bear comes from the former president of the USA Theodore Roosevelt, whose nickname (hüüdnimi) was `Teddy`.

  • Teddy bears are more than 100 years old.

  • Teddy bears are very popular. There are Teddy bear shops, museums, festivals in the world.

In this photo you can see the fourth- formers with their teddies.

My teddy bear is big. It is soft. My teddy bear is brown with a black nose and brown eyes. My teddy bear is two and a half years old. His name is Vessel. He`s wearing a red bow tie and a grey shirt. I got my teddy bear when I was ill. He usually sits on the sofa in the living room.

Written by Helen

My teddy bear is big. She is white and black. She is a panda. She is two years old. Her name is Lissa. She is wearing a red bow tie. I got my teddy bear for my birthday.

Written by Marili

My teddy bear is big and soft. He is brown all over. His name is Paul Frank. My bear is one hundred years old. He is wearing a bow tie, a red hat and blue dungarees.

Written by Taimar

My teddy bear is big. She is soft. My teddy bear is brown. My teddy bear`s name is Hannah. She is wearing dungarees and a bow tie. I got my teddy bear for Christmas. She is sitting on the sofa in my home.

Written By Marianne

Monday, September 27, 2010


There are several differences between American and British English. Let`s find out.

Pants or trousers?
Chips or crisps?
Films or movies?
Biscuits or cookies?
Fizzy drinks or soda?

Sometimes it`s so confusing(segadust tekitav).
Watch the video and you`ll find out.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010



In today`s English lesson in form 6 we discussed the school rules.
Here is TOP 5 of the rules:
  1. In the classroom you should not to talk when your teacher is talking.
  2. You should always bring the things you need for each lesson (pens, diaries, books, workbooks etc. - jne.)
  3. You must switch off mobile phones in class.
  4. You must arrive before 8 a.m. and be punctual (täpne) for all lessons.
  5. You must not run in the corridors or on the stairs.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Our former student, Otto sent me a letter about his Comenius trip to Spain, which he made with his schoolmates.
At present Otto is studying in Rannu Secondary School.
Thank you very much for sharing your exciting moments abroad.

Otto`s letter:
Hello! My name is Otto and i would like to tell you a little tale about my trip to Spain.It all started on a sunny morning, about 7:30 am. We went to Riia's National Airport, where I had my first airborn with a plane. It was Boeing 737-800 (don't know, if its necessary, but its the closest thing i remember, to the planes details). There i made my first mistake: i ordered a 150 ml fanta and a cheese burger, it cost 6.80 euros (about 105 kr.).We arrived in London Stanstead airport, where we had our first problem: the ashcloud blocked the airline to Girona Barcelona, so we needed somewhere to stay for the night. We found the perfect place. Some hostel, named "Uha". I got my private room, where the others had to sleep in the rooms of 6.In the mornign we had the famous, English Breakfest. The strangest thing was, that if i wanted to have a bacon, i had to dry it from the grease, before i put it on my plate.We started our sightseeing with the Tower Bridge, then we went to see the Tower of London, after that we saw the Big Ben, then the famous Saint Paul's Cathedral. Some of us had a chance to ride the London Eye, while some of us (like me) waited them to give us the tickets to the 3D cinema.The next night we had to sleep on the cold floors of the airport, i broke my back at least 10 times, before i could stand up from my disturbing slumber.About 7:00 am, the plane left to Girona Barcelona's National Airport. We arrived about 10:00 am and after that we saw our hosts. We put out bags into a VERY small car (we had trouble loading it) and went on the beach for some sunbathing and swimming.After that was a BIG party, where all danced and had a good time, except for me, because i can't dance in the night clubs of such sort. I felt a little sad about thta, so i went home (their home) and had a good night sleep.In the morning we went sightseeing. Dont exactly remember where, but you get the picture.The last night i remember iven the smallest details, because i had a very good time. Thats all I can tell you about the night, because its classified.The next morning we went straight to the airport and flew straight home (well we had to stay at London Stanstead Airport too). We arrived in Rannu about 1:00 am and i got home about 1:30 am. I was tired and went straight to bed.This was my trip to Spain, but theres much more to talk about this trip, than i wrote here, so dont wait for the little details about this trip.

Friday, June 4, 2010


If you are fond of nature and interested in everything that surrounds you every day, visit this link.
You`ll find interesting games about wildlife, climate change(kliima muutus), energy, waste, water, enviroment and some more.
How good are you at reusing and recycling things?

Let`s learn together how to change the world better.


Friday, May 21, 2010


For Eleri, Ranor, Piia, Ljuda, Karl-Erik, Liis-Mirjam, Daniel, Tamer and Tom these three weeks are last in Konguta School. Next autumn they will be the students of other schools.
Now it`s time to look back and remember all the things we have done together.

Read about what the sixth-formers think of Konguta School:

I like Konguta School because it is very cosy, small and friendly. There are six classes in our school and 55 students. Here are good and helpful teachers. We have travelled a lot. We have been to camps, the islands and other places of Estonia. We are going on a school trip to Hiiumaa next week. The students of Konguta School are smart and peaceful.

Konguta School is very modern but small. The teachers of Konguta are very active, smart and helpful. I like to help other children and teachers.

I like Konguta School because it`s small and I have many friends in here. I like to learn here because we have small classes and we have a nice media room where we can use laptops. We can also use the Smart board in our lessons. Teachers in our school are mostly nice but sometimes they are mad.

I like Konguta School because it`s cosy. It is beige and blue. We have a large gym. This is my favourite school. I live near my school and it takes a little time to get here. Here are good teachers. My favourite lesson is English because I can learn a lot of new words.

There are always many exciting things to do in our school. We have travelled a lot and we always can take part in interesting events.


What is the best place in the world? - Home, of course.

Here are some English proverbs(vanasõnad) about home:

Home is where the heart is.

There is no place like home.

An Englishman's home is his castle.

In your home there are several rooms - living room, bedroom, dining room, kitchen. But the cosiest room is definitely your own room. The room where you can be alone and do whatever you want to.

The students from form 4 wrote and made a plan of their own rooms.

In my room there is a bed in the corner. There is a carpet in the middle of the room. I like to play on it. My room has one window. When I sit at my desk, I can look out of it. My favourite toys are in the chest of drawers and in the cupboard. On the cupboard there is my TV. My room is lovely and cosy.

In my room there is a carpet in the middle. There is a bed in the corner of my room. There is a desk by the window. On the desk, there is a lamp and my laptop. Krisete

This is my future room. My future room is like a house. There are three rooms in my big room. In one room I can study, in the other room I can sleep and in the third room I can have a shower. I like my future room. Enriko

In my room there are books on my desk. There`s a lamp on the cupboard. There`s a rug in the middle of the room. My bed is opposite the cupboard. Anneli

My room is next to the living room. In my room there are two beds and one wardrobe. Next to the bed there is a desk. The TV is opposite my bed. I like my room. Maria

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


What`s the weather like today?

Is it sunny, cloudy, rainy or even stormy?

What was the weather like yesterday?

Listen to the weather report on TV or radio. Read reports in newspapers.

Cut out the weather report from the newspaper and take it to school. Let`s study together.

But first, try these nice tasks about the weather.


Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Watch the video!!

It`s a short play we presented in the theatre festival, Elva.


Wednesday, April 21, 2010


In form 4 we talked and wrote about favourite seasons. Some students created nice spring acrostic poems.

......I like summer because I like the sun and swimming. I can play with my friends because it`s a holiday. Maria

......I like spring very much because my birthday is on 22nd April. I love catkins, they are lovely.
.....My favourite season is summer because then children don`t go to school. In summer there are so many beautiful flowers. I can pick them and put in the vase. Aveli

....I like summer. I enjoy the bright sun. I go to the countryside for my holiday. My and my father`s birthday is in summer. We all love birthday parties.

Marianne, Helen and Taimar from form 3 wrote and drew about their favourite animals.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


In today`s English lesson the sixth-formers wrote a letter. They had to pretend that they are in London and send a letter to their friend writing about famous sights in London.

The most famous sights they wrote about were:

Buckingham Palace

St Paul`s Cathedral

Tower of London

Monday, April 5, 2010


On March, 31 Märt, Silver and Mattias from form 5 took part in the English Language Contest in Tartu.
Our smart boys came fifth (5th)in this competition. WELL DONE!!!
They had to solve 8 different tasks. Some of these tasks were easy but some were quite tricky for our boys.

Some examples from this contest. Can you solve them?

What do we call the fast food from big burger companies?

A small vehicle with metal blades under it, built for racing down tracks covered with ice. What is it?

How did Puss in Boots win a fortune for his master?

Where and when is Waitangi Day celebrated?

How do you know carrots are good for your eyes?

When did these kings and queens reign? Henry VIII, Elisabeth I, Elisabeth II, William I, Victoria.

NB!!! If you want to learn more about British kings and queens, visit this link:

William I, the Conqueror (tuntud ka nimega William Vallutaja) reigned(valitses) from 1066 to 1087

King Henry VIII ( tuntud ka selle poolest, et tal oli 6 naist). He was a father of Elisabeth I.

He reigned from 1509 to 1547.

Queen Elisabeth I reigned from 1558 to 1603.

Queen Victoria (kõige kauem valitsenud kuninganna. Tema valitsusaeg kestis 64 aastat!) reigned from 1837 to 1901.

Queen Elisabeth II is reigning now since the year 1952.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


  • In the United Kingdom, April 1st is called "April Fool`s Day". On that day people play tricks on each other for fun.

  • In Estonia we call this day "Naljapäev". This day is full of humour and tricks. You can even play tricks on you teachers. I`m sure they won`t become cross.

  • The most common joke is to say: "Look, there`s a pig flying in the sky!"

You can tell about a trick you have played on somebody.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Dear Hans Berg!

On your birthday we wish you much pleasure and joy;

We hope all of your wishes come true.

May each hour and minute be filled with delight,

And your birthday be perfect for you!


Form 6: Ljuda, Liis-Mirjam, Piia, Kerli, Eleri,

Tom, Karl-Erik, Tamer, Daniel, Ranor-Max

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


For Irish people March, 17 is an important day - it`s the feast(püha) day of St. Patrick -the patron saint (kaitsepühak) of Ireland.

The symbol of Ireland is the SHAMROCK( ristikhein).

In Ireland on St. Patrick’s Day, people traditionally wear a small bunch(kimp) of shamrocks on their jackets or caps.
Children wear orange, white and green badges, and women and girls wear green ribbons(linte) in their hair.

In Dublin (the capital of Ireland), there is a huge St. Patrick’s Day festival from March 15-19.

A parade, family carnivals, treasure hunt, dance, theatre and more interesting things are held during this time.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


....is the flag of the United Kingdom. It was first used in 1801. It consists of the flags of England, Scotland and Ireland. It has the red cross of ST.George of England, the white cross of St. Andrew of Scotland and the red cross of St. Patrick of Ireland.

On the flag of Wales there is the red dragon.

British money is the pound, which is divided into one hundred pence.
The pound symbol is £
How to write and how to say. For example: £300 - three hundred pounds.

There are £2, £1, 50p, 20p, 10p, 5p, 2p and 1p coins.


London is a very big city. More than 7.5 million people live in London. The streets in London are long and narrow. The buildings are not high. Many people live in terraced houses (ridaelamud)which are made of red bricks(tellistest) and have red roofs. The centre of London is called "the City". Not many people live in the centre, only businessmen go to work there.

Terraced house in London

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Nightingale and the Rose.

After reading and listening to this beautiful and a bit sad story, the children had to do some tasks. Some of them drew nice pictures, some wrote about their first impressions.
Also, we listened to a song "The Magic of Love"

The lyrics of this song:


Chorus: What is this magic
That makes the world go ROUND
Feel it with your senses.
Can you hear its SOUND?

Hear it in your mother`s voice
When she sings a LULLABY.
Feel it when your father`s home
And lifts you to the SKY.

See it when your friends are sad,
Or feeling BLUE.
Feel it when you want to help
But don`t know what to DO.


You can get it or give it,
But don`t ask its PRICE
What is it? It`s LOVE,
And it`s really NICE!

Try to translate these words into Estonian.
  • Nice drawings from our students:

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Life in the year 2035

Have you ever dreamed of living in the future?
Our 6th-formers have. Ljuda, Ranor, Karl-Erik and Liis-Mirjam wrote about their dreams.

  • In 2035 I `ll be 35 years old. I `ll live in a big house. It will be in Tartu.
    I`ll probably have a son. I think my son will like cars. I`ll buy a car for him that is broken. Then he`ll mend it all the time. I think I`ll have a beard. I hope my son will be smart and he won`t have any troubles at school.

  • I think I`ll see many interesting sights. My present family won`t live with me. I think I`ll be a teacher. I think I won´t live in Estonia. My home will be big and beautiful and my children will live with me. I´ll probably have two houses and three children. My hobby will be snowbording and skiing. My holidays will be great because I`ll go to Hamburg. I think my mother will live in Hamburg and I`ll visit her.
    I´ll buy three cars. I think I´ll enjoy living at that time.

  • In 2035 I `ll be 37 years old . I think I’ll be married at that time. I think I `ll have two children and some grandchildren. My home will be big, with a big garden. I `ll have a three –storey house. On the ground floor I `ll have nine rooms. On the first floor I `ll have five rooms and on the second floor I `ll have two rooms. I love teaching and I think, in the future I’ll be a teacher. On holidays, for example on birthdays all my family will be at home and have a party together.

  • In 2035 I´ll be 38 years old. I think I´ll be married at that time. I´ll probably have two children. My wife will be a famous musical artist. My home will be on the moon. The nearest shop will be 235 miles far. So the shop will be on another planet called Venus. I´ll be an inventor. I´ll invent flying cars. On holidays I`ll have a rest on the planet Earth. I´ll swim in the ocean. I think the year 2035 will be much interesting than today.

Saturday, February 13, 2010


Chinese New Year is celebrated in many countries around the world. Each new year is named after one of twelve animals. 2009 was the year of the ox. 2010 is the year of the tiger. People born in the year of the tiger are good leaders. They are intelligent, generous and calm. But they can also get very angry quickly - so watch out!

21st Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver, Canada, 12-28 February
How well do you know winter sports in English?



          Thursday, February 11, 2010


          On Wednesday, 10 February Aveli, Maria, Meija, Enriko and Oliver from form 4 went to Luunja where Valentine`s Day Party took place.
          It is a traditional annual event where students from different schools from Tartu county gather together to have a party.
          This year students from Elva, Rannu, Rõngu, Ülenurme, Kavastu, Kõrveküla, Konguta and Luunja participated in.
          The day was dedicated to the British Isles, so each school had to present songs or stories coming from these areas and also introduce their school.
          Our students presented a nursery rhyme "Three little kittens".

          After the performance, the students played, sang, drew and had a snack while the teachers were taking a tour in the schoolhouse.

          Thank you very much for inviting us, Luunja!
          Thank you Aveli, Meija, Maria, Enriko and Oliver for being such brave and well-behaved students!