Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Resolutions for the year 2014

Here you can read  resolutions for the new year written by the 6th-formers -
Anette, Eva-Lotta, Robin, Claudia, Marta, Rebekka, Reili, Robin.

I promise to study well
I promise not to be late for school
I promise to end this school year with 4-s and 5-s.
I promise not to tease my brother
I promise not to read in darkness
I promise to behave well
I promise to eat normally
I promise to keep my room clean as much as I can
I promise to listen to my parents
I promise not to talk back in the lessons

I will brush my teeth every day
I will study English harder
I will be a good student and respect teachers
I will work well in the Youth Association of Tartu County
I will play with my dog more than last year
I won`t smoke or drink alcohol
I won`t argue with my uncle
I won`t break my phone or toys
I won`t mess up my room so often

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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Acrostic HAPPY NEW YEAR poems

Collaborative work of the 5th- and 6th- formers.

Happily the new year came
All people went outside to watch fireworks
Partying all night long
Power Hit Radio hit - "Wake Me Up"  (Click on the link to listen)
Year is over, that`s a shame

New year must be better
Estonians watch fireworks
Watching "Titanic" on TV

YOLO (means: you only live once)
Everywhere were fireworks
And they were beautiful
Rudolph the reindeer is on holiday

Written by the 6th-formers

Hello! And a Happy New Year
A year has passed
Put on your party clothes
Push the door
Your friends are waiting

Now it`s time to party
Everybody is happy
Wishes for a new year

Yeah! Let`s go out
Everywhere are fireworks
After fireworks party starts
Ring the bells

Written by the 5th-formers

Sunday, January 5, 2014


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