Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween is on 31st October.
It's an old festival.
Halloween comes from Scotland and Ireland.
The name „Halloween „ means the day before All Saints` Day.
In the past people believed that ghosts came back to Earth(planeet Maa) on this day.
Today many people around the world celebrate this old festival.
People dress up in costumes and make a noise for Halloween.
People have parties and tell spooky stories about witches, skeletons, bats and ghosts.
People put a lantern outside their house to be friendly to the spirits.
A Halloween lantern is made from a pumpkin.
At Halloween people play a game called „Trick or Treat“.
Tricks are jokes and treats are sweets.

Guess Halloween words.

  • a woman with magical powers who flies on a broom
  • a big pot in which witches cook their meal
  • a witch`s pet, usually black in colour
  • a monster that has fangs(kihvad), drinks blood and sleeps in a coffin
  • a box where vampire sleeps
  • a small animal that likes to weave a web

I`m looking forward to your answers !!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


World Animal Day is celebrated (tähistatakse) each year on 4 October all over the world. It started in Italy more than 70 years ago.

On that day, we talked and wrote about cuddly toys - teddy bears.

  • TEDDY BEARS come from America.

  • The name Teddy Bear comes from the former president of the USA Theodore Roosevelt, whose nickname (hüüdnimi) was `Teddy`.

  • Teddy bears are more than 100 years old.

  • Teddy bears are very popular. There are Teddy bear shops, museums, festivals in the world.

In this photo you can see the fourth- formers with their teddies.

My teddy bear is big. It is soft. My teddy bear is brown with a black nose and brown eyes. My teddy bear is two and a half years old. His name is Vessel. He`s wearing a red bow tie and a grey shirt. I got my teddy bear when I was ill. He usually sits on the sofa in the living room.

Written by Helen

My teddy bear is big. She is white and black. She is a panda. She is two years old. Her name is Lissa. She is wearing a red bow tie. I got my teddy bear for my birthday.

Written by Marili

My teddy bear is big and soft. He is brown all over. His name is Paul Frank. My bear is one hundred years old. He is wearing a bow tie, a red hat and blue dungarees.

Written by Taimar

My teddy bear is big. She is soft. My teddy bear is brown. My teddy bear`s name is Hannah. She is wearing dungarees and a bow tie. I got my teddy bear for Christmas. She is sitting on the sofa in my home.

Written By Marianne