Thursday, June 10, 2010


Our former student, Otto sent me a letter about his Comenius trip to Spain, which he made with his schoolmates.
At present Otto is studying in Rannu Secondary School.
Thank you very much for sharing your exciting moments abroad.

Otto`s letter:
Hello! My name is Otto and i would like to tell you a little tale about my trip to Spain.It all started on a sunny morning, about 7:30 am. We went to Riia's National Airport, where I had my first airborn with a plane. It was Boeing 737-800 (don't know, if its necessary, but its the closest thing i remember, to the planes details). There i made my first mistake: i ordered a 150 ml fanta and a cheese burger, it cost 6.80 euros (about 105 kr.).We arrived in London Stanstead airport, where we had our first problem: the ashcloud blocked the airline to Girona Barcelona, so we needed somewhere to stay for the night. We found the perfect place. Some hostel, named "Uha". I got my private room, where the others had to sleep in the rooms of 6.In the mornign we had the famous, English Breakfest. The strangest thing was, that if i wanted to have a bacon, i had to dry it from the grease, before i put it on my plate.We started our sightseeing with the Tower Bridge, then we went to see the Tower of London, after that we saw the Big Ben, then the famous Saint Paul's Cathedral. Some of us had a chance to ride the London Eye, while some of us (like me) waited them to give us the tickets to the 3D cinema.The next night we had to sleep on the cold floors of the airport, i broke my back at least 10 times, before i could stand up from my disturbing slumber.About 7:00 am, the plane left to Girona Barcelona's National Airport. We arrived about 10:00 am and after that we saw our hosts. We put out bags into a VERY small car (we had trouble loading it) and went on the beach for some sunbathing and swimming.After that was a BIG party, where all danced and had a good time, except for me, because i can't dance in the night clubs of such sort. I felt a little sad about thta, so i went home (their home) and had a good night sleep.In the morning we went sightseeing. Dont exactly remember where, but you get the picture.The last night i remember iven the smallest details, because i had a very good time. Thats all I can tell you about the night, because its classified.The next morning we went straight to the airport and flew straight home (well we had to stay at London Stanstead Airport too). We arrived in Rannu about 1:00 am and i got home about 1:30 am. I was tired and went straight to bed.This was my trip to Spain, but theres much more to talk about this trip, than i wrote here, so dont wait for the little details about this trip.

Friday, June 4, 2010


If you are fond of nature and interested in everything that surrounds you every day, visit this link.
You`ll find interesting games about wildlife, climate change(kliima muutus), energy, waste, water, enviroment and some more.
How good are you at reusing and recycling things?

Let`s learn together how to change the world better.