Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Collaborative work of 5th-formers.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Let`s fly to the future ......the year 2035.

In 2035 I´ll be 33 years old. I think I´ll be married at that time. I´ll probably have one child. My home will be in a big city because I´m fond of city life. I hope I´ll be a lawyer. In 2035 there will be a lot of different  tablets, computers, phones and other stuff. I think I´ll work at home. My job will be much easier than today because technology will be better and more comfortable than today. I´ll have a car which can also fly, ride on water or turn invisible. I can travel quickly anywhere in the world. I´ll have my own summer cottage. I think life in 2035 will be more technologically than today.

Written by KERTU (year 6)

In 2035 I'll be 33 years old. I'll be married and have 4 children. 3 girls and a boy. They will be at the age of 1-10. I'll live in a city, because living in the countryside will be disappearing. I'll be a lawyer and  the owner of a lawyer company. I'll also have a pair of twin-daughters. Being a lawyer won't be much different in 2035. There will be different laws though. Our home will be on the 4th floor in a skyscraper, because I don't like heights. Our flat  or house will have 2 floors, and it' ll have 22 rooms and a huge jacuzzi. Every holiday we'll go on a trip somewhere in the world by our private plane. Written by Timmu (year 6).

In 2035 I´ll be 32 years old. I´ll be married at that time. I´ll probably have two children. I´ll travel by my spaceship to the planet Mandalore. Mandalorian people are more serious than Earth´s people and they´ll have many space vehicles and space stations. I´ll finish The Galactic Academy as a spaceship pilot and as a weapons expert. I´ll  get married there to a Mandalorian woman. I´ll buy a VCX-100 light freighter and a Short-range Corellian shuttle fighter (attaches to the back of the other ship) classes spaceships and travel through the galaxy with my family. After that I´ll work in different places in the galaxy on missions. I´ll stop a lot of conflicts in the galaxy with my missions. When I´ve brought justice and peace to the galaxy, I´ll live with my family on top of a skyscraper on Mandalore. My flat will have a lot of big windows and a landing platform for my ships. My flat will be coloured to plain white, dark red and dark grey. It´ll have a lot of rooms for our needs and we´ll have a personal pool.

Written by JAAK (year 6)