Monday, April 18, 2016

The Queen`s birthday.

Queens 90th Birthday Flag

Lots of interesting facts
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Read about Rico-Renar`s trip to Spain.

Trip to Spain

Platja de Lloret.jpg
On  9 April, I went on a trip to Spain with my mother and sister. It was my sister's and my first trip by plane. Flight to Spain took about 4 hours. We arrived about one o'clock at night. From the airport we went to the hotel with an Estonian group. We stayed at the hotel "Olympic Suites" in a town named Lloret de Mar. This hotel is a 4 star hotel. In this hotel we stayed on the highest, the fourth floor. Breakfast was from 8:00 to 10:00 and  dinner was at 7 pm. On the first day we went to discover  nature. About a kilometer away from the hotel was the beach.  To the right and left from the beach  were small mountains. On the first day we went to the right and travelled in the mountains. On the second day we went to the other side of the mountains. But we decided to go to the hills along the beach, and we found many beautiful rocks and also one silver ring. There was  a hiking trail on the mountains. At the end of our trip we returned to the hotel. Next day we travelled  to a town called Tossa de Mar by a small boat. There we climbed the mountains and after that we came back. On some days we just had a rest.. Then we didn’t take big walks. There was a room in the hotel called Mini Club. There were five TVs with Xbox and some with Wii. There we spent some time. And in the evening we saw  a street artist who made graffity. We went to see him almost every night and we bought one of his painting.
This was our trip.

Rico- Renar, year 5

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Collections from all over the world.

People collect very many things, some of them can be quite weird. Visit this site and figure out. Year 5 students wrote some of the weirdest collections of the world.

Madli wrote about Lisa`s collection

Lisa has a collection of Pokemon Memorabilia. She has got over 16 000 Pokemons in her collection. She started collecting them 26 years ago. They are big and small. They are very lovely and colourful. She enjoys them very much and takes care of them. I think she spends little money on small Pokemons but much money on big Pokemons. I think she enjoys her hobby very much.

Mihkel wrote about Joker card collection

Tony De Santis, an Italian magician, has  the largest collection of Joker playing cards.  He has 8,520 Joker cards.He got the idea in 1988 while playing a card game.
I think he spends a lot of money on these joker cards because some of them are very rare.
Some of his cards are very cool and nice. He holds them on the wall.

Rico-Renar wrote about Kevin`s dice collection

Kevin Cook has a set the record for his collection of 11,097 cool unique dice. His website shows that he had 51,000 dice as of September 2014. He’s very proud of his big collection. His dice collection is the biggest dice collection in the world. He is on the hunt for more in case anyone overtakes his record. I think he really enjoys his massive collection because he has so many of them. I think he spends a lot on these dices because he has so many of them and some of them may be very expensive. I think he holds them in a specific room.

Leene used to collect stickers. She wrote about her collection.

I have a collection of  stickers. I  started collecting them three years ago. I have got more than 100 stickers. I started to collect stickers because my relative brought me a sticker album. Then I started colleting stickers. My favourite stickers are a black cat sticker and a cute poult(chicken) sticker. I keep my stickers in my sticker albums. I didn´t spend very much money on stickers. In my sticker albums there are: animal stickers, poult(chicken) stickers, princess stickers and 3D stickers. I enjoyed collecting stickers. I don´t collect stickers any more, but I still keep them.