Monday, January 12, 2009

Our first attempts. Meie õpilaste esimesed katsetused inglise keele kirjapildis.

My favourite season.

Written by Märt Mäemees ,form 4
My favourite season is winter because I like snow and Christmas. I like skiing very much. Skating is intresting, too. I like building snowcastles. I like spring, too because my birthday is in April but my favourite season is still winter.



written by Ahto, form 6

Once lived a mouse
she had her own house,
but the mouse wasn`t happy
because she was lonely.

One day the mouse met a cat
who was scared and wore a hat.
The cat was friendly
but a bit lonely.

Now they are the best friends,
forever to the end...


Written by our former students

Fire is a light that gives warmth
Home- that`s a creator of warm and peace
Peace is like sunshine-
Makes people merry and happy
Peace is luck that shines like the sun
Peace is silence and a rest
The pride of each nation
Peace is enjoyable, peace is a light
Peace is the beginning of love and life
Peace is our future and a case of need
Peace ist that when you have a home
And nothing to worry about
The sun is shining above you
At home your family`s waiting for you
Peace is fragile, so good and nice
If nobody battles it`s good to live
The beauty of nature, silence and peace-
Nobody is cross
But we all know
We must keep the peace
Peace could always be around us
No wars, no screams
Peace is always in our hearts
Like beautiful thoughts in your head
Peace is the goodness around us
Sunshine and a wavy sea
It isn´t difficult to find the peace
More difficult to keep it
Peace gives us luck
War- just disaster
Because of that
Sow the seed of peace
Sow it from you heart!


Written by Mariliis, form 6

A Rabbit swam in the lake,
after that she ate up a cake.
Next morning the rabbit was sick,
only thing she thought was picnic.
Then came a vet,
and he said to the pet:
"You have to stay in bed!"
The Rabbit almost cried and hold her head..
Few days later, she felt better!
She knew she is healthy,
and then she said:"Malthy!"


Written by Kerli Retter, form 6

It was dark
I saw a lark
The lark was lovely,
but very hungry.
It flew so high,
so high in the sky.

written by Mariliis, form6

The snow is melting,I hear it.
The sun is shining,I feel it.
The nature is awaking,I touch it.
The kids are playing,I see it.
This is spring...