Saturday, December 19, 2015

My plans for Christmas.

Year 5 students wrote what they are going to do at Christmas.

I`m going to decorate my room and clean it. I`m going to visit my friend, relatives and grandparents. My brother and I are going to decorate our Christmas tree. I and my family are going to go skiing and the cinema. On Christmas Eve we are going to open the presents and watch films on TV or film.I like Christmas because it`s so beatiful time and the snowflakes are so nice.

I hope to get a lot of presents at Christmas.  Before Christmas I´m going to learn a poem by heart. On Christmas Eve I´m going to eat a lot of  gingerbread. On Christmas Day we´re going to visit my granny. We´re going to the cemetery, too. We´re going to the church to sing Christmas songs, only my mum likes it. Between Christmas and new year we´re going to do a lot of fun stuff. On New Year´s Day we´re just going to sit home, relax and watch films.

I´m going to decorate my beautiful Christmas tree before Christmas Eve.
I´m going to stay  home for my winter holidays and learn some Christmas poems by heart for Father Christmas. Before Christmas I´m going to clean the house with my family and decorate it. On Christmas Eve we`re going to the cemetery and light up candles. Between Christmas and New Year`s Day we`re going to our neighbour`s place. During the Christmas holidays I´m going to read books, watch TV and play with my cat.
On New Year`s Eve I´m going to watch TV because there are funny shows on and at night I´m going to watch fireworks.

Before Christmas I am going to buy a present to my mum and dad and decorate the Christmas tree. On Christmas Eve I am going to wait for Father Christma. During the Christmas  holidays I am going to build a hut. Between Christmas and new year I am going to eat gingerbread.  On New Year`s Eve I am going to shoot fireworks. On Christmas Day I am going to visit my grandparents.

My plans for Christmas and New Year are cool. Every year we bring a Christmas tree into the room. Father Christmas also comes to share presents. Every year before Father Christmas comes we eat Christmas food together with my family. Father Christmas comes to our countryside home. Every year after Father Christmas we shoot fireworks and after that we go to Tartu to watch more fireworks. I really enjoy Christams and the coming of New Year.

Before Christmas I’m going to clean and hoover my room. On Christmas Eve we are going to eat supper together with my family. Usually after supper Father Christmas comes to visit us and share presents. Every year we bring a Christmas tree into our house. On New Year`s Eve we are going to Annikoru. Usually we shoot fireworks in the centre of Annikoru with others. It’s really cool! I really like Christmas and the New Year.

I'm going to be at home at Christmas and celebrate Christmas with the family .Our Christmas are like this: we invite older brothers and sisters who already live in the village with their families.
My Christmas are wonderful for me. We're going to lay the table and start to eat. We´re going to play board games and look forward to Santa Claus. Santa brings us a gift bag at the door as usual.


Before Christmas I’m going to decorate my room and prepare gifts for my friends and my parents. I'm going to Kilingi- Nõmme for Christmas. Three aunts come to visit me. On New Year`s Eve we´re going to shoot fireworks. As in Kilingi-Nõmme lives my mother's friend and she is a hairdresser, she`ll cut my hair. I would like to get a new phone for Christmas because my phone is broken:(
I´m waiting for Christmas very much:)

Before Christmas I’m going to decorate my home and bring the Christmas tree into home. On Christmas Eve I`m going to open my presents.  On Christmas Day I`m going to have a great time with my family. Between Christmas and New Year I just enjoy my holiday. On New Year’s Day I’m going to my friend`s birthday party.

I`m waiting for Christmas very much. Before Christmas I`m going to visit friends, go skiing and sledging. On Christmas Eve I`m going to clean and decorate my room. On Christmas Day I`m going to open presents and watch a film. Between Christmas and New Year I`m going to go to the cinema. During the Christmas holidays I`m going to visit friends and read a book.
On New Year`s Day I`m going to have a little party at my house with relatives and shoot fireworks.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

JOSEPH CARSON at Konguta School.

On Friday, 4 December Joseph Carson visited our school to talk about internet safety and future technology. Joseph Crason is from Northern Ireland. But for now he`s been living in Estonia for 12 years. He spoke in English, so only those who can speak English and understand English could listen to him. When he talked about future technology, we listened very carefully because about in 5 years people will have self-driving cars, robots and other stuff. About computer safety we learned that if your password is simple like Strong, it takes only 40 minutes for hackers to get this password. But when your password is hard like $tR0nG, it takes about a year to get it. We also learned what not to do on the Internet, what is safe and what is not and other useful things.

Rico-Renar, year- 5 students
Photographed by Pille Granovski

Monday, December 7, 2015

Jingle Bells.

I`m sure that you all know this nice Christmas song "Jingle Bells".
Listen and sing along.

But now, you have a great chance to create the same song but with your own lyrics.
Go ahead.
Click HERE