Friday, May 21, 2010


For Eleri, Ranor, Piia, Ljuda, Karl-Erik, Liis-Mirjam, Daniel, Tamer and Tom these three weeks are last in Konguta School. Next autumn they will be the students of other schools.
Now it`s time to look back and remember all the things we have done together.

Read about what the sixth-formers think of Konguta School:

I like Konguta School because it is very cosy, small and friendly. There are six classes in our school and 55 students. Here are good and helpful teachers. We have travelled a lot. We have been to camps, the islands and other places of Estonia. We are going on a school trip to Hiiumaa next week. The students of Konguta School are smart and peaceful.

Konguta School is very modern but small. The teachers of Konguta are very active, smart and helpful. I like to help other children and teachers.

I like Konguta School because it`s small and I have many friends in here. I like to learn here because we have small classes and we have a nice media room where we can use laptops. We can also use the Smart board in our lessons. Teachers in our school are mostly nice but sometimes they are mad.

I like Konguta School because it`s cosy. It is beige and blue. We have a large gym. This is my favourite school. I live near my school and it takes a little time to get here. Here are good teachers. My favourite lesson is English because I can learn a lot of new words.

There are always many exciting things to do in our school. We have travelled a lot and we always can take part in interesting events.


What is the best place in the world? - Home, of course.

Here are some English proverbs(vanasõnad) about home:

Home is where the heart is.

There is no place like home.

An Englishman's home is his castle.

In your home there are several rooms - living room, bedroom, dining room, kitchen. But the cosiest room is definitely your own room. The room where you can be alone and do whatever you want to.

The students from form 4 wrote and made a plan of their own rooms.

In my room there is a bed in the corner. There is a carpet in the middle of the room. I like to play on it. My room has one window. When I sit at my desk, I can look out of it. My favourite toys are in the chest of drawers and in the cupboard. On the cupboard there is my TV. My room is lovely and cosy.

In my room there is a carpet in the middle. There is a bed in the corner of my room. There is a desk by the window. On the desk, there is a lamp and my laptop. Krisete

This is my future room. My future room is like a house. There are three rooms in my big room. In one room I can study, in the other room I can sleep and in the third room I can have a shower. I like my future room. Enriko

In my room there are books on my desk. There`s a lamp on the cupboard. There`s a rug in the middle of the room. My bed is opposite the cupboard. Anneli

My room is next to the living room. In my room there are two beds and one wardrobe. Next to the bed there is a desk. The TV is opposite my bed. I like my room. Maria

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


What`s the weather like today?

Is it sunny, cloudy, rainy or even stormy?

What was the weather like yesterday?

Listen to the weather report on TV or radio. Read reports in newspapers.

Cut out the weather report from the newspaper and take it to school. Let`s study together.

But first, try these nice tasks about the weather.