Saturday, September 17, 2011


Students from form 6 wrote about the summer. Some of them used their imagination and wrote about a dream summer.
Read and enjoy!

I had a lot of fun in the summer. At the beginning of the summer I made a trip to Hawaii. I really liked swimming in the pool. I stayed there for two weeks. At the end of June I visited my relatives who live in the USA. I hung around with my cousin. She showed me the city , it was so interesting. At the beginning of August my family decided to celebrate my birthday in Island. I enjoyed my birthday so much. The most of the  summer I liked to hung around with my cousin in Seattle. I couldn`t believe that it is so big city. I enjoyed my holiday very much.
Written by Krisete
I had a very interesting summer. At the beginning of the holiday I made a trip to the U.S.A. I stayed in a beautiful hotel in New York City. We stayed there for 2 weeks. I saw so many skyscrapers. We couldn`t see any famous actors, but we saw Tyra Banks (she is a supermodel). I had a great time in the U.S.A. In the middle of the summer  I visited my friend who lives in Milano. She lives in a big house by the sea. We swam every day. We went shopping and did it almost every day because my friend`s father is so rich. I were in Milano 3 weeks. In August we went to Scotland. We stayed there for a week. We lived in a cozy cottage near Aberdeen. I love Scotland because it is so beautiful there. Before school I just played with my friends.
Written by Aveli
At the beginning of the summer I went to London. There I saw Big Ben, London Eye and the Queen of England. And in London I rode on a double- decker. It was so exciting ride. In July I left London and went back to Estonia. At the end of August I waited for school.
Written by Enriko

I had a very cool summer. At the begining of the holidays I played with my friends. I made a trip to London. I like London. In july I went swimming. I like swimming very much. After that I stayed for two weeks in Viljandi. I visited my granny. At the end of August I went fishing. My summer was very interesting.
Written by Anneli

At the beginning of the summer my friend visited me and stayed for two weeks. We went swimming almost every day. At the first weekend my another friend came over and we had a lot of fun. In the middle of the summer I went Tallinn with my mum, aunt and cousin. In Tallinn we went to the zoo and 5D cinema. We came back by train and we had a lot of fun. Me and my cousin were laughing all the way. At the end of the summer my cousin came over.
Written by Meija Meeli
At the beginning of the holidays I went to a summer camp. It was a three- day- long and very interesting camp. In the middle of the summer I made a trip around Estonia. I swam three times a day. At weekends I helped my mother and went swimming. In July I went to Hansa Days. There were lots of singers and dancers and lots of other people. At the end of August we went shopping and bought some school stuff. My summer was very interesting and busy. I liked summer very much but it was too short.
Written by Maria