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THANKSGIVING DAY is celebrated on November 24.

Thanksgiving Day is an annual national holiday in the USA and Canada. Watch the video and find out what this holiday is about.

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People in Britain celebrate Bonfire Night every year on November 5th. It is the anniversary of the Gunpowder Plot. In 1605 a group of men made a secret plan to blow up the Houses of Parliament and kill King James I. The men were angry because King James did not want them to practise their religion. One of the men was called Guy Fawkes. It was his job to hide with the gunpowder under the Houses of Parliament and start the explosion on the day Parliament opened. On November 5th, soldiers found Guy Fawkes with the gunpowder. He was arrested and couldn’t start the explosion. In prison, the soldiers forced Guy Fawkes to tell them about the secret plan. He and the other men were executed for treason. To celebrate stopping the men, King James told people to light bonfires every November 5 th. Now, people go to see a bonfire and fireworks, and make a model of Guy Fawkes to burn on top of the fire.

READING TASK - password is bonnigh

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Halloween is coming.

Halloween is celebrated on the last day of October - 31 October.

If you`re interested in this topic I certainly recommend you to visit this LINK.

On this website you can read about Halloween traditions, get ideas for Halloween costumes and refreshments.

Have a nice coming Halloween tim!


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World Animal Day

World  Animal Day is celebrated every year on 4 October. On that day we can show how well we take care of our four-legged friends.

We’re goin’ to the zoo, zoo, zoo
How about you, you, you?
You can come too, too, too

We’re goin’ to the zoo, zoo, zoo.

Participate in a quiz "What Pet is Right for You."

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Smart English with smart devices

 Learning and practising  vocabulary with Quizlet.live programme can be really exciting. You can compete for tigers, peacocks, ostriches as one team and making mistakes isn`t allowed.
 Also, the 6 graders interviewed classmates, filmed up their answers and wrote summary.

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WEEKDAYS POEM - collaborative writing of the 4th graders

It`s Monday! It´s Monday!
The day of the moon.
Be good and work hard.
It’s over too soon.
(written from the textbook “I Love English” 2)

It’s Tuesday! It’s Tuesday!
The day of  birthdays.
Celebrate your birthday
with a cake
and eat some fruitcake.
(written by Liis, Mirta, Kärolin, Anete)

It´s Wednesday! It´s Wednesday!
The day of the week.
Mum is at work and dad is, too.
On Wednesday I´m over the moon.
(written by Liis)

It’s Thursday! It’s Thursday!
The day in May.
We eat an ice cream!
I like this day.
(written by Kärolin)

It’s Friday! It’s Friday!
Today the clouds are grey.
Smile all day long
and sing your favourite song.
                                     (written by Mirta)

It’s Saturday! It’s Saturday!
The day of the rest.
Be lazy at home,
and sleep in your nest.
                                   (written by Elgitha)

It´s Sunday! It´s Sunday!
The day of the sun.
Go out or stay in.
The rule is - have fun.
(written from the textbook “I Love English” 2)


I`m happy that our former student Otto Palu joined the 4th graders and shared his own thoughts about his favourite season.

 Click on the picture to read.

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MY PET - nice writings of the 5th graders


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The Queen`s birthday.

Queens 90th Birthday Flag

Lots of interesting facts
Click HERE

Read about Rico-Renar`s trip to Spain.

Trip to Spain

Platja de Lloret.jpg
On  9 April, I went on a trip to Spain with my mother and sister. It was my sister's and my first trip by plane. Flight to Spain took about 4 hours. We arrived about one o'clock at night. From the airport we went to the hotel with an Estonian group. We stayed at the hotel "Olympic Suites" in a town named Lloret de Mar. This hotel is a 4 star hotel. In this hotel we stayed on the highest, the fourth floor. Breakfast was from 8:00 to 10:00 and  dinner was at 7 pm. On the first day we went to discover  nature. About a kilometer away from the hotel was the beach.  To the right and left from the beach  were small mountains. On the first day we went to the right and travelled in the mountains. On the second day we went to the other side of the mountains. But we decided to go to the hills along the beach, and we found many beautiful rocks and also one silver ring. There was  a hiking trail on the mountains. At the end of our trip we returned to the hotel. Next day we travelled  to a town called Tossa de Mar by a small boat. There we climbed the mountains and after that we came back. On some days we just had a rest.. Then we didn’t take big walks. There was a room in the hotel called Mini Club. There were five TVs with Xbox and some with Wii. There we spent some time. And in the evening we saw  a street artist who made graffity. We went to see him almost every night and we bought one of his painting.
This was our trip.

Rico- Renar, year 5

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Collections from all over the world.

People collect very many things, some of them can be quite weird. Visit this site and figure out. Year 5 students wrote some of the weirdest collections of the world.

Madli wrote about Lisa`s collection

Lisa has a collection of Pokemon Memorabilia. She has got over 16 000 Pokemons in her collection. She started collecting them 26 years ago. They are big and small. They are very lovely and colourful. She enjoys them very much and takes care of them. I think she spends little money on small Pokemons but much money on big Pokemons. I think she enjoys her hobby very much.

Mihkel wrote about Joker card collection

Tony De Santis, an Italian magician, has  the largest collection of Joker playing cards.  He has 8,520 Joker cards.He got the idea in 1988 while playing a card game.
I think he spends a lot of money on these joker cards because some of them are very rare.
Some of his cards are very cool and nice. He holds them on the wall.

Rico-Renar wrote about Kevin`s dice collection

Kevin Cook has a set the record for his collection of 11,097 cool unique dice. His website shows that he had 51,000 dice as of September 2014. He’s very proud of his big collection. His dice collection is the biggest dice collection in the world. He is on the hunt for more in case anyone overtakes his record. I think he really enjoys his massive collection because he has so many of them. I think he spends a lot on these dices because he has so many of them and some of them may be very expensive. I think he holds them in a specific room.

Leene used to collect stickers. She wrote about her collection.

I have a collection of  stickers. I  started collecting them three years ago. I have got more than 100 stickers. I started to collect stickers because my relative brought me a sticker album. Then I started colleting stickers. My favourite stickers are a black cat sticker and a cute poult(chicken) sticker. I keep my stickers in my sticker albums. I didn´t spend very much money on stickers. In my sticker albums there are: animal stickers, poult(chicken) stickers, princess stickers and 3D stickers. I enjoyed collecting stickers. I don´t collect stickers any more, but I still keep them.

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The Queen`s 90th birthday is on 21st April.

In April Queen Elizabeth II will become the first reigning British monarch to reach the age of 90. 

Queen Elizabeth II became the longest-reigning British monarch on 9 September 2015 when she surpassed the reign of her great great grandmother Victoria.

64 years, 46 days

63 years, 216 days

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The Spelling Bee and Rhymes competition In Ylenurme Gymnasium.

Our year 3 students - Lea, Marleen, Rasmus and Annabel were successful in this competition. Our team shared 1st and 2nd place (among 15 schools of Tartu county) in the JEOPARDY Quiz and Lea got 4th place in the Spelling competition. WELL DONE!

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A visit to Lähte gymnasium.

Having a nice Valentine`s Day party with 4th formers of Tartu County.
Performing, dancing, playing, creating together. Valentine`s Day on PhotoPeach

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Happy Valentine`s Day!

Estonia - my homeland.

Short writings from year 6 students.

 Estonia is a small country. It lies on the coast of the Baltic Sea. Estonia has low population density in the west of Estonia. Estonia´s capital city is Tallinn. Estonia has hilly landborder. Estonia has two mountains called Suur Munamägi and Väike Munamägi. The highest top is Suur Munamägi. Estonia has over 1000 islands. Longest river in Estonia is the river Võhandu and the biggest lake is Lake Peipsi. Estonia may be little but it has a big heart.

 Estonia is a very small country. Estonia lies on the coast ot the Baltic Sea. The biggest lake of Estonia is Lake Peipsi(Peipus). The longest river is the Võhandu river. The Võhandu river is 162 km long. The biggest mountain is Suur-Munamägi. Estonia has two biggest islands - Saaremaa and Hiiumaa. The southern part of Estonia is hilly.The population density is low in Estonia. 

 Estonia is a small country. It is located on the coast of the Baltic Sea. Estonia has an area of 45,339 square kilometers. The president of Estonia is Toomas Hendrik Ilves, who lives in Tallinn. Tallinn is the capital of Estonia. Estonia has a land border with Russia and Latvia. The highest mountain of Estonia is Suur Munamägi. The largest island of Estonia is Saaremaa. There are over 1,400 lakes in Estonia. The largest lake is Lake Peipsi (Peipus). The longest river is the Võhandu river. 

 Estonia is a small country. Estonia doesn`t have any real mountains. The highest top in Estonia is Suur Munamägi. The Tartu Marathons finish line is Elva. The capital city of Estonia is Tallinn. The president of Estonia is Toomas Hendrik Ilves. There are 15 counties in Estonia. The second -largest lake is Lake Võrtsjärv. Estonia lies on the coast of the Baltic Sea. The colours of the Estonian flag are blue, black and white. Estonia is 45, 339 km² large. There are 1, 311, 759 people in Estonia. The phone code in Estonia is 372. The Independence Day of Estonia is on the 24 February. Estonia has a land border with Latvia and Russia.

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Shaun The Sheep _ If You Can't Stand the Heat

Watch the cartoon which Paul had to retell in English oral competition in Nõo Basic School.
Watch and try to retell as well.

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Oscar Wilde - a very famous Irish writer.

As the year 6 students read  first parts of the story The Canterville Ghost, let`s have a quick look at this superb writer`s profile HERE

Be ready to name at least five facts about Oscar Wilde.

You can read the hole story HERE
watch the film HERE.

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The Year 2016 - a leap year.

What does  LEAP YEAR mean?

  • A leap year has 366 days, as opposed to a common year, which has 365.
  •  Nearly every 4 years is a Leap Year. 
  • We add a Leap Day, an extra day on February 29.

Read what plans Rico -Renar and Mihkel have made for the year 2016 and further.

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